Monday, March 7, 2011

Six Months Home Continued (Pictures)

These first few were taken in October on our trip home to Mississippi.

Gran and Pop's House in October 2010

Raeanna with Gran and Pop

Raeanna with Granny Faye and Granddaddy Bob

Raeanna and Pop ride the lawn mower

I like wearing Granddaddy Bob's cap!

Gran and Pop with Raeanna on the porch

So happy!

Raeanna with Aunt Ruby

Visit with Ms. Sheila and Mr. Mark in Louisiana

Visit with Aunt Beverly in Alabama
 The rest were taken from Thanksgiving to now. You can see how much she's grown.
Family Christmas Card Portrait taken by Mary Jo
at Gran and Pop's house in MS

Having fun with GeGe Brett

Ge Ge Cade loves me bunches!

I love my Sissy!


I love Adam, too, and his cellphone!
All My Children
Christmas at Gran and Pop's House

These are my cousins, John and Jacob!  Aren't they cute?


Opening Presents at Gran and Pop's House

Checking out Pop

Brett, I just might be a doctor, too!

"Mama's Baby!"
That's what I say when anyone picks on me!

I like to pose for pictures by the post!

I love Ge Ge Cade, a whole lot, but I have to pick on him!

I love my Mama!

My Mama loves me a whole bunch!!!

My Baba and I fall asleep here a lot!

My friend, Lauren, and I traveled in China together with our families, and she lives in my town!

Playing Ring Around the Rosies with Lauren at the Chinese Restaurant

Celebrating Chinese New Year in my silk dress from China

Another silk outfit

Playing dress-up with Sissy!
I like to put on lots of jewelry!

Fun Day with Ge Ge Cade!

Happy Birthday to ME!!!!!

Mommy and Me

I hope you enjoy our pictures from the last few months!


April Z said...

Hi Shan,
I love reading your updates and seeing all the pictures of Raeanna! She's a beautiful girl and she looks so happy. I'm glad she's doing well!!

The Murphy Family said...

In just six months, look at that glow. I love these stories. What a beautiful little girl and a beautiful family. God bless.

Lisa Murphy